It is finally out new EP 'Unfold' by the Rumanian composer George-Denis Ardelean, published by the label Blue Spiral Records


"Unfold" is the new album by pianist and composer George-Denis Ardelean. The work is available on all Digital streaming platforms, CD and Vinyl.

Description of the work

The pieces of the album "Unfold" were written over the past year, and of course were influenced by the situation in the world. I tried to channel into music my thoughts and feelings about hope, sadness, nature, creation and time, shaping a sonic experience of life.

The artist

George Denis Ardelean is a composer living in Romania. Self-taught pianist, George started learning first learning the accordion at a young age, before starting to study the piano. His compositions capture both sad melancholy and hope which derives from his strong interest for film music and storytelling. His works are marked by delicate combinations of instruments, sounds and textures designed to strike that particular emotional chord in the audience, essential for the musical story and experience to be complete. Each piece of music is a journey to the vastness of his inner world.


1. Elysian 

2. Saudade 

3. Moving Light 

4. Near Tomorrow 

5. Echo 

6. Daybreak


Composed and performed by: George-Denis Ardelean 

Pianist "Near Tomorrow": Miguel Mendoza 

Recorded and mastered by: George-Denis Ardelean 

Cover picture by: JR Korpa 

Artwork by: BeatArt