With David Gómez: an interview with the artist of "Spring in the Dark"


David Gómez is a renowned Majorcan pianist and composer born in Wattwil (Switzerland) in 1974. With more than 20 years of international artistic career, he stands out for the excellence of his music in its contemporary, classical, instrumental and cinematographic genre, and for his concerts as soloist around the world. He trained professionally in the Netherlands, perfecting his studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory on Piano, Tango for Piano and Orchestra Conducting. As a composer, he is a passionate storyteller with his piano, inspired by the most romantic love, life experiences and social justice. Between delicate melodies, ambient sounds and majestic silences, his music thrills, enamors and reaches with intensity the depths of souls and hearts. His record albums produced by the prestigious producer Joe Dworniak under his Riversfih Records label, reflect his artistic and professional evolution: The Island (2013), Pianographie (2017), Sous les étoiles (2019), and Lockdown on a piano Vol. I and II (2020) composed in Madrid in absolute solitude during confinement by COVID-19, recorded from his home with his mobile phone. In their different creative stages, each album is a journey to the infinity of his inner universe. As a musician he is a tireless seeker, demanding and lover of the smallest details. His last two works, produced by Joe Dworniak and soon available are: Spring in the Dark (2021), studio album recorded in Spain, England and Hungary, and A letter from Mars (2021) recorded at his home in Palma de Mallorca. Inseparable from the piano since he was a child, David gave his first concert at the age of 14 and since then touring has become his way of life.

He released his latest album "Spring in the Dark" with the renowned italian label Blue Spiral Records. We met him exclusively for an interesting interview.

You are an emerging artist but with different results already achieved, can you tell us briefly what artist you are?

Actually, I don't like the word 'result', because that never depends on the artist, rather on the marketing that surrounds him. There are much luckier people in that field and for that reason it reaches a lot more people. Unknown great quality musicians there are many. If you consider me an artist in your question, it is already a lot. It is not necessary to classify. Music is music.

What are your influences and your musical references?

All people are influenced by something in life, however I try not to listen to music, precisely not to be influenced by other artists. I believe that the artists that we create or compose, we should not consume. For example, when I turn the radio on my car, I always select a channel where a person appears talking about whatever it is. The problem is that when a piano plays, people relate it to the only piano they have ever heard in their life, and that's where the marketing comes back.
I think we all have one of the darkest springs of our lives, that's why I included that orchestral piece. The vast majority are melancholic compositions. I have always thought that happiness begins in melancholy.

How do you compose? Do you feel a musical theme in your mind or is it more based on creating from sensations?

I think both ways. It just appears as if it were a miracle that makes you excited as you continue composing.

How was your latest album "Spring in the Dark" born?

The piece Spring in the Dark, was born during the confinement. In reality, the election was held a few months before the pandemic. I think we all have one of the darkest springs of our lives, that's why I included that orchestral piece. The vast majority are melancholic compositions. I have always thought that happiness begins in melancholy.

At what time of the day do you like to compose? Is it an expressive urgency due to an inspiration or do you meditate and plan everything with scrupulous criteria?

I have no preference. I think ion any musician does it in a premeditated way is no longer an artist, they are simply a music butcher. There are no schedules, there are only spaces of time where you may feel more or less. That's simple.

What would you answer to those who ask you why you should listen to your music?

If someone asks me why they should listen to my music, it is because they do not need music to live, then I would not answer them. It's simple, I compose, you listen, are you excited? - Yes! it's great. And if you weren't excited, I'm really sorry, so next time maybe :)

What is the meaning of music for you?

We are music. Our heart beats with a regular rhythm. It speeds up depending on our emotions. Words are music, moans too, the sound of the wind, the sea, etc ... the best music is always with us and we never pay attention to it. Music will be and is the only thing that will remain eternally in this Universe.

Could you kindly anticipate us something about your upcoming projects?

Before man reaches Mars, another album will come out. When the first single comes out, you will understand my answer today haha Thanks for the interview !!!