With Gustav Davidsson: interview with the composer and performer of "Anin"

Gustav Davidsson is a producer and musician from Sweden. His solo work is formed around the piano, minimalistic composition ideas, reverb, improvisation and a longing for peace within, through sound. He started out as a child spending time at the family grand piano, improvising, composing and being amazed by the big and spacious sound of the piano. Sense then he has strived to find and explore this big sound, in the piano and through other means. After studying improvisation at the most well renowned schools in Sweden and has been a part of the music scene in Sweden, mostly around improvised and neo-classial music. He also runs a studio (Studio Glasfågeln) where he records mostly acoustic music. He is now on the journey of letting go of intellectual aims and just making music close to his heart.

You are an emerging artist but with different results already achieved, can you tell us briefly what artist you are?

I am a musician, composer and sound engineer from Sweden that mostly work with recorded music. I come from the jazz scene and am educated as a jazz/improvisation trombone player. But now a days I work mostly as a studio engineer and with my own music. With my own music I mostly have piano as my instrument and I work a lot with minimalistic and calm music. Both in my own name and with bands like Trio Ramberget.

What are your influences and your musical references?

I am influenced by a lot of different music and I often fall for music with big sound, repetitive components and the tension between minor and major. For example I am really inspired by Philip Glass and Radiohead, but also more bluesy stuff like Nina Simone and James Blake.

How do you compose? Do you feel a musical theme in your mind or is it more based on creating from sensations?

It is more based on creating from sensations and feelings. Most of my music has a lot ot improvisation in it. Often a small composed component and the rest is improvisation, so the feelings and mood I am in when recording is very central to the music.

How was your latest album "Anin" born?

I had been thinking about recording a piano based album for some time and when Corona came and turned the would upside down I had time and inspiration to make it happen. The music on Anin is processing difficulties and changes in life, and the aim to surrender and be calm to them.

At what time of the day do you like to compose? Is it an expressive urgency due to an inspiration or do you meditate and plan everything with scrupulous criteria?

I work with my music mostly in the mornings. It is not super planed, but it is something I decide to do, I don't wait for inspiration. Even though my music has a long process over time that might appear as I do music when I am inspired.

What would you answer to those who ask you why you should listen to your music?

I hope my music can give people a good time and a moment of tranquility and a possibility to get in contact with them selfe. But I won't try to persuade anyone, it is up to everyone what is good for them.

What is the meaning of music for you?

Music can have different meanings to me. It can be a way of feeling, a way to get closer to myself, a distraction and many more things.

Could you kindly anticipate us something about your upcoming projects?

At the moment I try to be in the moment, that I have released this album and enjoy it, and try to be calm in that new music will be made further on. I am a person that plan a lot, but right now I try not to.